Pine, Hand Turned Pine Nostepinne


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Hand turned pine wood nostepinne for winding yarn into centre pull balls.

The nostepinne is a tool used in the fiber arts to wind yarn, often yarn that has been hand spun, into a ball for easily knitting, crocheting, or weaving from.

The ball of yarn formed by a nostepinne is a “center pull” ball, allowing the knitter to remove the working yarn from the center of the ball rather than the outside. This keeps the yarn from rolling around the surface the yarn is sitting on and provides a more consistent tension. These center-pull balls are called “cakes” because of their short, cylindrical shape.

This nostepinne measures 20cm long and is very light weighing approximately 47g. It is made from pine and has a very smooth finish to avoid snagging your yarn.

Great present for knitters and spinners.

As this is a handmade product using natural materials, photographs may differ slightly from product in stock.


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