Hand Knit Scarf, Shawl, Scarf, Wrap


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This shawl is hand knit from lightweight acrylic yarn and is an asymmetrical triangle shape which means it can be worn in a number of different ways according to your style.

The colour is a luminescent silvery blue with a silk-like sheen to it. Knitted in garter stitch with gansey-style panels of diamond shapes and slip stitch, this shawl is wonderfully springy and drapes well around the contours of the body. It is big enough and thin enough to layer up with in winter by wrapping it multiple times around the neck, but is equally suitable for use as a lightweight shawl worn over a summer dress.

It measures 204 cm at its longest point and is 44cm deep.

This unique scarf would make a wonderful gift.

Hand wash only.


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