It’s all gone a bit hatstand…

Following on from Hedwina’s obsession last week with Viking Helmets, this week she has turned her attentions to children’s character hats, namely Po from The Teletubbies and Bing Bunny.  Strictly speaking they are too small for her but she has been very helpful modeling them for photos, particularly when I was personalising one of them which involved me sticking her with several pins.  It all worked out for the best in the end though and one little girl will soon be the proud owner of her own Po hat, complete with matching Tubbiefeet.

I’ve had a lot of fun designing and making these hats, just in time for early Christmas shoppers and have been writing up the patterns ready for sale in the shop early next year.

If you have a little Teletubbie or Bing Bunny fan that deserves a warm and smooshy hat and boots for Christmas, keep an eye out for shop updates which should hopefully include Laa Laa and Tinky Winky sets.  If I can find the right colour green yarn, Dipsy will follow!




2nd Lockdown Activity

No, I haven’t actually lost the plot. This is what I do when I’m trying to avoid losing the plot – making projects that basically, are silly Christmas gift ideas. I know I never actually went out a great deal before lockdown 2 here in Wetter-Than-A-Haddock’s-Bikini, (also known as Wales) but there’s something about being told you can’t, that makes you want to.

Anyway, I am determined this second time around, to use the time wisely and profitably so I have started to apply Search Engine Optimisation to this website.

“That sounds boring!” I hear you all cry. And do you know what? You’re right. It is soooooooooh boring but I hear it’s essential so I’mma doing it! I would much rather being taking photos of baby viking helmets that will soon be for sale in the shop but I’m nothing if not diligent so I’m SEOing like a loon.

Pity poor Gina for all she wants to do is crochet viking hats for babies and write crochet patterns.

With grateful credit to pattern writers Kat Kennedy of for the baby hat pattern, to Reckless Stitches for the adult hat pattern and to Melissa Campbell of Totally Stitching for the beard pattern.

She comes from a land of the ice and snow

I’m having a lot of fun making my latest commission pieces. Hedwina wasn’t too impressed on the first fitting but once this helmet was done she loved it and it’s been difficult to persuade her to take the beard off at all.

Different sizes will be available in the shop in the run up to Christmas so check back regularly when you start thinking about Christmas shopping.

With credit to very talented Kat Kennedy of for the baby hat pattern, to Reckless Stitches for the adult hat pattern and to Melissa Campbell of Totally Stitching for the beard pattern.

New Date for Workshop at Ammonite Yarns

As workshops are unable to go ahead in South Wales right now I have been making best use of the time by moving and completely rebuilding the website from the ground up, so much so that I feel like my eyes are square and my laptop is begging for a break.


The site has become much larger in that the Spring Mill Terrace shop pages have been added, tested, retested, proof read to the max and retested again and I’m hoping that very soon I will be able to declare them “done” so that sales can be made directly from here instead of via the Etsy shop.

Hedwina has been helping by modelling knitted garments and giving advice here and there but she’s not of much use in a practical sense so I shall be glad when all this techie stuff is done and I have time to crack open the dye pots again.

In the meantime, I have spoken with Jenny and Ruth at Ammonite Yarns about rearranging the workshop postponed from 4th October and the course will now go ahead (Covid permitting) on Saturday January 23rd 2021.

There are places left so click here if you would like to book.

Off to Germany

Not me – but this lovely winter warmers set which I have just finished for a friend and customer.

I have really enjoyed making this commission piece for my lovely ex-colleague Sophia. Not just the knitting but the collaboration on colours, yarn and patterns, seeing it all come together and adding my own adaptations to make the finished garments perfect for their new owner.

If you are interested in commissioning a piece of unique clothing, made especially for you please do get in touch.

Dates for 2021 (tentatively) arranged!

We may have just had new lockdown restrictions imposed on us but refusing to believe that Covid will go on into next year, I have just arranged new dates the popular Fleece To Fibre workshop to run at the wonderful Rural Skills Centre in Cardiff next year.

  • Saturday 20th March
  • Sunday 27th June
  • Saturday 18th September
  • Saturday 30th October

The dates are now available to book so if you are thinking of snapping up a place, head over there and we will keep all our fingers and toes crossed!