Woolly Workshop After School Clubs

I am an NNEB qualified Nursery Nurse with a current, enhanced DBS certificate and recent Safeguarding training.  I have years of experience working with children in schools and voluntary groups and have run successful Woolly Workshop After School Clubs in my last school in Wimbledon.  

The clubs were always over subscribed and received very good feedback from parents and teaching staff.  I organise all my own administration for the club including scheduling, leaflets for parents, booking forms etc.  

All the sessions are planned in detail and include varied crafting activities for primary school children which include weaving, felt making, knitting using a machine, education about wool, where it comes from and how it is used to make clothing.  


To run the workshops, all I need is the use of a classroom with space for the children to sit at a table, plus another low table for the 4 shaft loom. I provide all the required equipment and materials – including individual mini-looms for the children to use and I use recycled and up-cycled materials in the programme.

Children work on a number of projects which they can take home at the end of the session or continue to work on over several weeks.  

Participating in textile arts such as weaving and knitting is not just a creative and relaxing activity. It is also an engaging pursuit for children which provides excellent opportunities for them to discover and develop mathematical concepts such as measuring, counting, repeating patterns and textures. It encourages development of fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and concentrations skills, and provides the opportunity for enriching children’s’ vocabulary, (Flexible Soft Hard Heavy Sharp Transparent Warm Cold Shiny Soggy Itchy Stiff Uncomfortable Wet Dry). Crafting is also an ideal activity for introducing and developing subjects such as sustainability, ergonomics and for discussing history, etc, etc, etc. The benefits are endless!


If teachers would find it beneficial to link activities in with the curriculum I am more than happy to facilitate this.  The last Woolly Workshop centred on  weaving cloth around the story of Joseph’s coat by including rainbow colours.  We also made Hanukah and Christmas decorations in the run up to the winter holiday.

Please do get in touch if you would like me to come into your school to discuss your specific Workshop requirements.