About Me

Hello, I'm Gina

In my "other life" I am  school administrator but I've been a woolly devotee since I lived on a farm as a child and used to help the farmer to hand-rear the orphaned lambs.  I started knitting when I was in my teens and my interest in spinning was sparked in 2010 when various podcasts I listened to were all beginning to talk about it. 

I taught myself to spin on a home made drop spindle using books and online resources, mainly YouTube.  Then, thoroughly obsessed, I bought my first wheel (a little Kromski Prelude).

I then joined several guilds and spinning groups in Surrey and once my experience grew I began demonstrating and teaching spinning and fibre preparation to many people at various knitting and spinning events around the country.  I love to share my obsession and was recently named as "the only woman I know to bring a spinning wheel to a party".  

I am a qualified NNEB nursery nurse and in 2014 I started running Woolly Workshop After School Clubs at a small primary school in Wimbledon.

My expertise lies in teaching absolute beginners and children and after a move across the country I am now based in South Wales.  


Either pay for your course or tuition as a group or arrange for individual invoices.  

Woolly Workshop accepts cheques, bank transfer payments or even easier - you can pay viaa Paypal.