Family Workshop

I had the pleasure of teaching an (almost) family to spin at the Rural Skills Centre last weekend. Gill, her daughter Esther and her bestie Alex had been waiting for FIFTEEN MONTHS since they originally booked thanks to Covid shenanigans so they were really looking forward to the day. It was Gill’s first trip out (aside from a few vital shopping trips) since the first lockdown so we tried extra specially hard to make it a good day for her.

Happy to say she was thrilled with her her results (pictured above proudly showing off her mini-skein) and told me she’d had a very enjoyable day so I feel that my work there was done! Esther and Alex who were so cute they had matching bestie dinosaur tattoos said they’d had a reallly cool day and between the three of them, they produced more yarn than any other group that I’ve ever taught.

Here’s to the next one!

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