2nd Lockdown Activity

No, I haven’t actually lost the plot. This is what I do when I’m trying to avoid losing the plot – making projects that basically, are silly Christmas gift ideas. I know I never actually went out a great deal before lockdown 2 here in Wetter-Than-A-Haddock’s-Bikini, (also known as Wales) but there’s something about being told you can’t, that makes you want to.

Anyway, I am determined this second time around, to use the time wisely and profitably so I have started to apply Search Engine Optimisation to this website.

“That sounds boring!” I hear you all cry. And do you know what? You’re right. It is soooooooooh boring but I hear it’s essential so I’mma doing it! I would much rather being taking photos of baby viking helmets that will soon be for sale in the shop but I’m nothing if not diligent so I’m SEOing like a loon.

Pity poor Gina for all she wants to do is crochet viking hats for babies and write crochet patterns.

With grateful credit to pattern writers Kat Kennedy of TwistedK.com for the baby hat pattern, to Reckless Stitches for the adult hat pattern and to Melissa Campbell of Totally Stitching for the beard pattern.

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